I can hear him whispering “queres mas”


Trouble said to worry: “you have a debt to pay before we’re due.”
Neurosis said to reality: “you dont exist! Behind closed doors, when the lights go out and the candle to flames distinguish, I can get lost in my dreams.”
Drugs said to sobriety: “I can take you away from this place. From this sad lonely hell. You’ll never be alone, in fact we’ll put you in the hands of people who can show you the way.”
The open road said to the broken home: “why do you stay here? This house is damaged beyond repair. Theres nothing left for you here.”
So lyrically speaking, “there ain’t no sunshine when shes gone, leaving me a free bird. Just like a bird, I only fly away. But where was I going without ever knowing the way? on the dark desert highway, I met layla at the hotel California. Isnt it ironic, dont you think? When I got her alone, I had a total eclipse of the heart, and realized. …I was on a highway to hell. But if it makes you happy, then why the hell are you so sad.”

The smoking goddess

Just me


Why are we not creating a show like boy meets world for this generation

If you ask me, Bates motel, the shining and 1408 are all the hotel California
My thoughts about never escaping a hell thats succumbed you


#crazy times

So true

Sleeping beauty waiting for her Prince(cess)